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Beth Israel Purpose, Vision, and Values


Beth Israel Congregation is a vibrant and welcoming Conservative synagogue focusing on intergenerational learning, worship, and fostering community in the city of Waterville, Maine. 



We aspire to be a community where people who come to Judaism from a variety of backgrounds find multiple ways to contribute to the vitality of our congregation. We hope to enrich the lives of our congregants and the lives of others through Tzedakah/צדקה (justice/charity) and Tikkun Olam/תיקון עולם (repairing the world). We seek to offer programming that is inclusive, nurtures tradition, serves the evolving needs of Jewish life, and within which people may find friendship and meaning. Beth Israel Congregation aims to engage with the larger Jewish world: in Maine, the United States, Israel, and around the world.



We value:

  • Conservative Judaism and its rich traditions;

  •  our connections to other groups and faiths;

  • egalitarianism, diversity, and inclusivity to guide us in engagement with members of our growing community and the creative ways people practice their Judaism. 


We welcome congregants and members of the community to a variety of services throughout the year, and offer opportunities to share meals, our talents, and ideas with others.

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