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The Beth Israel Fundraiser 2021
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Although we cannot cram into our beautiful basement space together this year for guava-glazed chicken or amazing arepas, we are excited to begin to come together to celebrate and rededicate our community. Instead of one large gathering, we’re recruiting community members, who will be throwing smaller dinner parties for groups of about a dozen over several weeks’ time this summer! 


Step 1: Peruse the menu offerings here

Step 2: Use this form to sign up for a dinner

Step 3: Your reservation is only finalized once you've paid via this link (write in "Fundraiser 2021") 

We'll connect you with your hosts, and get you the exact address for your meal! It's that easy!


How much does a meal cost?

Every seat costs $100. 

Can I sign up for more than one meal?

You bet! 

Can I just email my friend, who's hosting, to let them know that I'll be attending their meal?

Nope. Only RSVPs received through the form will be counted, and only RSVPs that have been paid for will be finalized.

Can I sponsor someone else to attend, who might not be able to afford to do so? 

Absolutely -- there's a place to indicate this on the form. 


Can I be sponsored to attend, if I cannot afford to do so on my own? 

Absolutely -- there's a place to indicate this on the form. 


Is this food kosher? 

All meat will be kosher, and no chef will be serving meat and milk together. We do not guarantee the kashrut of any kitchens; please be in touch with Mel Weiss if this is an issue for you.

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