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If you're looking to follow up on any of the people, places, works, or organizations Shirel Horowitz mentioned in today's class (April 7, 2024), you can find everything below: 

If you're looking to support art initiatives in Israel which are doing ongoing community work check out ZUMU - they are going to have a Pesach art sale (if you'd like to be notified when it opens you can let me know) and you can also learn more about them from a CSP program I had two years ago with the founder and director here - LINK

There will also be an interview based on this talk  coming out in Jewish Reniesance Magazine which I can send to you once it's published. Please let me and Gila know if you have any questions. 

Shavua Tov



Thank you for joining us for “What Does Shock Look Like” – Israeli Art following October 7th with Shirel Horovitz (CSP online program #706 + special Q&A event with Beth Israel congregation of Waterville Maine). As a follow up to our event, please see these program notes:

 Recording of session - LINK

  1. This session is dedicated

    • In memory of Norelle & Roya Manzuri z”l - LINK

    • In memory of Itai Svirsky z”l  - LINK

    • In Prayer for the safe return of the hostages and the end of the war

  2. Shirel Horovitz  - FB - LINK, Instagram - LINK, Website - LINK, email:

  3. New exhibition at Anu museum - LINK

  4. Art in 2023 prior to October 7th mentioned in the session:

    • Light unto the nations, Yael Bartana - LINK

    • Geula gallery in Jerusalem (only hebrew) - LINK 

    • Panic Room, Avner Pinchover - LINK ,  LINK

  5. The story of Beeri gallery  - LINK

  6. Jerusalem museum acquires work by Ziva Jelin - LINK

  7. Artists mentioned in the order of appearance (all links are to FB pages where you can find the rest of their info): 

    • Adi Drimer - Article - LINK, Facebook - LINK

    • Noa Zeni - LINK

    • Daniella Meller - LINK

    • Zoya Cherkassky- LINK

    • Maayan Guri - LINK

    • Andres Gurwicz -LINK

    • Chen Balali - LINK

    • Shoshke (Zeev) Engelmayer - LINK

    • Tseela Greenberg - LINK

    • Meydad Eliyahu - LINK

    • Reut Asimini - LINK

    • Noa Arad-Yairi - LINK

    • Shai Yehezkelli - LINK

    • Shira Gepstien-moshkovich - LINK

    • Sharon Rashbam- Prop - LINK

    • Ruti De Vries - LINK

    • Avishai Platek - LINK

    • Shira Glezerman - LINK

    • Emi Sfard - LINK

    • Daniel Shohan - LINK

    • Raida Adon - LINK

    • Oren Fischer -LINK

    • Nomi Tannhauser - LINK

    • Batya Hollin - LINK

    • Chana Anushik Manhaimer - LINK

    • Yael Oren Sofer - LINK

  8. Lavi Lipshitz z”l - LINK

  9. Eitan Rosenzweig z”l - LINK

  10. October Notebooks - a digital art archive - LINK

  11. Ha’aretz journalist Naama Riba’s articles about Israeli art since October 7th - LINK

  12. How Israel’s artists have responded to the trauma of October 7 - LINK

  13. For many in Israel’s art community, protests have replaced practice - article from April 5th - LINK

  14. I'm Not Angry at Hamas or Bibi. I'm Angry at Those Who I Believed Were Just Like Me - Opinion column by Nisan Shor from October 26 2023 - LINK

  15. CSP art travel opportunity coming up with Shirel - Israel through art. Dates are May 19-27 (4 spots left). If you’re interested please email Shirel directly for more information at

  16. You can join our CSP email list at this LINK {if you enjoy our programs and would like to support us, you can also donate at}  

  17.  Check out our CSP online store - LINK

  18. You can enjoy other CSP recorded sessions at  this LINK {please visit our YouTube channel and “subscribe”} and on our website, and you can follow us on Facebook at this LINK

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